Xtreme Turf Landscaping Solutions for Every Type of Home

Sculpting and creating your ideal backyard is a homeowner’s dream come true. Up until now, however, landscape gardening meant lots of digging, excavating, and many hours of manual labour. With many years worth of experience as a landscape architect team, our synthetic turf experts are here to help create your ideal garden.

We can promise that the artificial turf that we provide will:

  • Require you to perform very little landscape maintenance.
  • Be perfect for both small garden design and larger backyards.
  • Allow you to realise all of your landscape gardening ideas.
  • Be completely safe – free from harmful metals and oxidants.

We offer many different types of artificial surfaces

garden turfAussie Summer – With an off green-yellow colour that will prove to be so natural, that it will be hard to tell the difference, even when close up! artificial meadowAussie Meadow – Coming in three shades of green and soil based colours. Also comes with a length of 30mm, making it ideal for various purposes. garden turfPremier Ultimate – For that uniquely thick, winter coverage, all year round. Coming in a length of 45mm, it will prove to be great for large areas.
Artificial-turf-keysborough-afterAussie Green – A beautifully vibrant colour that will be fantastic for small garden beds or tiny lawn areas. Looks and feels like the real thing! synthetic-turf-keysborough-landscapeBudget Landscape – The all purpose lawn solution. Only $29.90 plus installation. Also ideal for various recreation purposes (lines not included).