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Artificial and Synthetic Grass
Artificial and Synthetic Grass

Top 5 thing to think before installing your fake turf

Top 5 thing to think before installing your fake turf

1. The quality of the turf

When it comes to the quality of your new artificial turf, the quality of the yarn is an essential factor. Talk to an expert, look closely at the quality of the material and ensure that it feels good, with quality stitching and a good stitch rate. Ensuring that the material is of a high quality means that the grass will not wear, underperform or irritate the skin as other cheaper varieties may.

Also read some reviews, and ask some friends if they have had it installed. Word of mouth is always a trustworthy reflection of quality.

2. Does the installer provide a warrantee?

A strong manufacturers and installers warrantee is always a good sign that providers of the turf are confident in their product. Get to know the people who will be installing the fake turf, and read reviews online. Warrantees for the product will always be for a limited time, and will generally be based on intended use of the artificial turf, and whether or not the party provided is undertaking correct maintenance procedures.

It is important to understand the aspects of the warrantee, such as what you are covered for, and who is liable should the product falter.

3. Drainage of the installation area

It is important to have the area assessed to ensure that the placement of the turf is within an area that is suitable for drainage. If the turf is intended to be used for sports, the drainage requirements may be more stringent that those of a backyard leisure area.

The weather of the location of the turf, possible soil contamination, and gradient of the area play a significant role in the assessment of viability of the installation, and also the cost.

4. The Infill material for the fake grass

Infill materials generally consist of rubber granules or sand. Infills are required to help support the fake turf pile remain vertical and firm, and also to increase the cushioning aspects, which is vital in reducing sports injuries.

The composition and depth of the infill will vary depending on the purpose of the area/sport being played. If the fake turf areas requires infill, it will need to meet all of the requirements of the certified governing body.

5. Maintenance of the artificial turf

Artificial grass will require maintenance, and to get the most out if will require the following of the care guidelines which should be given to you by the fake turf installation company.

Care of the fake grass will also ensure that any warranties and insurance factors are taken care of. A professional company will be able to show you the correct ways to care for your lawn, which will allow the artificial lawn look great and perform, for longer.

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