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Artificial and Synthetic Grass
Artificial and Synthetic Grass

Artificial Grass and Sport – A Match Made In Heaven

Artificial Grass and Sport – A Match Made In Heaven

Many decades ago, it would have seemed like a laughable proposition to play outdoor sports on anything other than real grass. Even when artificial turf emerged onto the market, there was still a certain degree of skepticism which grass suppliers had to overcome. This skepticism centred around the hardness of the surface, the durability of the grass itself, as well as the overall appearance of the synthetic turf, compared to authentic grass.

However, with incredible improvements made to the cushioning of the grass’ underlay –  as well as innovative measures to combat skin grazes when falling on the turf itself – these concerns have been dismissed, and artificial grass in Melbourne is now one of the most popular forms of sporting turf available. Below, we’ve listed three popular sports where synthetic lawn solutions can be commonly found, as well as their numerous benefits of use.


A particular problem with football fields in this country is that, due to the sport being uniquely an all year round affair, as opposed to other types of winter sports, the turf it is played on can wear out quickly. Many clubs, having seen the increased durability of synthetic turf in Melbourne, are now starting to buy artificial grass for their own training and playing facilities. This is not limited to smaller clubs, either, with many Victorian Premier League teams now sporting their own dedicated, Australian made artificial grass.

Fake grass in Melbourne for football clubs has also been designed in such a way, as to minimise the effect of skin grazing – of which was a significant problem when fake turf was first used. Finer turf fibres are now designed to mimic the softness of actual grass itself, and are no longer as hazardous as they once were for those playing impact sports, such as football.

Lawn bowls

Lawn bowls clubs are one of the biggest markets for artificial turf across Victoria, with their consistent, flat surface creating the perfect conditions to play on. One of the greatest benefits for this type of sport is that synthetic grass maintenance is very minimal, meaning that more games can be played during club opening hours, and less time is spent on raking the turf to ensure its quality.


Synthetic surfaces for grass hockey have been around for a long time, however sand based, and now with a refinement of the quality of the blades, are being more frequently seen across Victoria. Synthetic grass suppliers have refined the manufacturing process of synthetic hockey pitches, and new synthetic turf hockey grounds no longer require the sand overlay to increase friction. This is of particular benefit for more rural hockey clubs, where the delivery of sand used to cost quite a lot of money.

Xtreme Turf is the premier provider of artificial grass throughout Melbourne, and has installed great quality pitches for a variety of different sporting clubs for many years. We stock the best artificial grass you will find in Melbourne. You can contact us right now on 0406 686 911 for a free measure and quote, as well as any further information regarding our great quality turf solutions for sporting clubs of all kinds!

Does your sporting club currently have an artificial pitch of some kind? What were your experiences of playing on it, and what sport do you play? We’d be delighted to find out!

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