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Artificial and Synthetic Grass
Artificial and Synthetic Grass

Fake grass is perfect for more than just the front lawn

Fake grass is perfect for more than just the front lawn

The presence of lush green grass shouldn’t something that you can only enjoy at select times of the year. This is one of the many reasons that artificial turf is becoming more and more popular, especially in cities like Melbourne where the seasons can be extreme.

Fake turf is not solely for the backyard of your home, there are many applications for fake turf, and below we have listed just a few of the places that it can be installed.

Golf greens

No longer will you need to worry about that untrue roll of the ball, artificial turf can create the perfect green.

Golfing experts have loved the developments of fake turf in recent years, and not just on the greens of the golf course. If you’d like a place to practice your putting at home, the installation of fake turf in your backyard is a great way to practice your craft at any time.

You can even have the fake grass installed indoors in your home should you be needing even more practice.

Sports fields

Different sports require different pitches, with varying degrees of softness and grass lengths. Synthetic grass offers a low impact surface for the prevention of injuries and skin abrasions. For contact sports such as soccer and football, cushioning and shock pads can be installed under the fake grass to protect the players from injury. If the sport in question involves a lot of sliding, such as hockey, the synthetic grass can be irrigated to cool the fake grass surface and reduce the effects of friction on the skin.

Depending on the sport, the use of rubber or sand infill will help to stabilize the fibres of the fake grass, to cause the ball to move well consistently all over the field.


Children will always love to run, play and be messy. Fake grass will allow them to do all of this in a safe environment, that promotes creativity. It’s not just great for the kids though, because there is very minimal upkeep of the fake grass, and should there be any messy spills, it is simple to clean with a squirt of the hose and some recommended chemical free solvents.

Why not give kids a bright, green lush place to play and explore their creativity all year round with fake grass.

Patios, decks and those smaller spaces

Utilise those small areas of your home with the addition of fantastic looking, natural fake grass. Turn a balcony or a small rooftop area into a place with some charm.

Australian’s live for the weekend barbecue, and with the installation of fake grass, you’ll be able to have a place for the barbecue in an area that feels like you are outdoors.

Easy to clean and cost-effective, artificial turf will add a section to your home that will impress your guests, without the worries of maintenance and future costs.

Places for the pets to play

Dogs love a place to run over the fresh grass, but as a homeowner it’s just not possible to have this all year round. By installing artificial grass, you will be able to provide a place for your pets to run and play, without the worry of them dirtying up the back yard, and in turn, traipsing mud inside your home as a result.

If your pet should have an accident, it can easily be cleaned with a spray of the hose and a light scrub with a mild detergent to keep it looking as good as new.

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