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Artificial and Synthetic Grass
Artificial and Synthetic Grass

Fake turf for small spaces

Fake turf for small spaces

Artificial grass has gained hugely in popularity over the last few years, and has vastly improved in look, texture and functional possibilities. These days you’d be hard pressed to spot one from the other from a close distance.
One of the main reasons it has become so popular is the lack of maintenance that is needed to keep it looking great, and also the water saving aspect. We all ove lower water bills right?

Aside from a nice look to your large front or backyard, there are also plenty of other ideas for the use of fake grass in smaller areas, and below we have listed just a few of the ways that you can maximising your fake turf.

Use a two-tone colour scheme for smaller spaces.

Smaller areas such as balconies and patios are perfect for artificial turf. Fake grass will give the area an illusion of being larger with the use of two-tone colours. It will also give the area some added charm to make it a space that you and friends can relax and enjoy a glass of wine.
It will also be easy to clean should somebody have a spill. Add some garden furniture and some flowers for maximum charm effect.

Use your outdoor area for al fresco dining.

If you have a smaller roof deck, why not turn it into an outdoor dining area? The fake grass will look great all year round, and with quality artificial turf, your rooftop will be a space that you can enjoy a picnic with the family, or just relax and read a book.

A simple clean and hose down every now and then will be all you need to keep it looking amazing.

Create a stylish pattern with your edging.

Get out those creative juices, and create a unique edging pattern to your artificial turf. You will be able to curve the edges of the turf around any objects. The best part about it, is that you will not need to maintain the edges as you would with natural grass, and the edges will always stay the same.

Make a place for the kids to play

If you live in an apartment building, it can be hard to find a safe place for the kids to play, that isn’t on your carpet. We all want our children to be active and creative, so having them sit in front of the TV all day is not an option.

If you have a child safe balcony installing fake grass is a great way for them to pursue their play time, without worries of carpet stains. It will look great, and your kids will love it!

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