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Artificial and Synthetic Grass
Artificial and Synthetic Grass

Get Into the Swing of Things with Artificial Lawn Tennis Courts

Get Into the Swing of Things with Artificial Lawn Tennis Courts

Last year; we talked about the various positives behind installing your very own synthetic grass tennis court. Given that court fever has gripped the nation in the form of this year’s edition of the Australian Open, we thought it was only fitting to revisit the subject, albeit with a twist. In this article, we’ll be recapping the properties of the many different types of artificial turf tennis court surfaces that are on the market today.

It’s important to remember that, whilst they may all look quite similar apart from the colour of the court, the way they all play is vastly different. Synthetic turf has come a long way in the last decade, to a point where there are some surfaces that will be perfect for beginners, and others that will please the seasoned professional. Across all of the court surfaces, however, you will find that the aspects of performance, UV resistance, and durability, will all come as standard.

For recreation

Those that enjoy playing tennis, but hold no dreams of one day hitting it out on centre court, would be looking for comfort and style over anything else. A few options include synthetic turf with a sand base, and short pile bounded artificial turf. Both of these options will look very sleek and natural from afar, and will be gentler on the ankles and knees.

Normally, the trade off for comfort in a playing surface is in its performance. However, these more “user friendly” courts play just as well as the real thing. Best of all, they are versatile in what can be played on them, making them a great addition for family homes. Whether it be basketball, hockey, or even cricket, all sports can be played on these synthetic court surfaces.

For the enthusiasts

Tennis aficionados will be pleased to know that the courts used in some of the biggest tournaments in the world are widely available on the domestic market. These surfaces come in various forms of court surface, including hard court, synthetic lawn, and even artificial clay. They play and bounce like the real thing, and the spin and control given to the ball is pin point accurate.

Due to their engineering, however, they can be uncomfortable for those that don’t play tennis regularly. This isn’t to say that professional surfaces are uncomfortable, just that those without any experience playing on these courts will find it difficult to enjoy it as much. No matter what type of surface you choose, however, its performance as a tennis court will be spot on.

If you have any questions regarding what type of surface will best suit your style of play or recreation, we’ll be more than happy to help. Our artificial turf installation team have put in hundreds of tennis courts over the years, and know a thing or two about what makes for a good game. Talk to us today, and let’s get your tennis court up and running in no time at all.

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