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Artificial and Synthetic Grass
Artificial and Synthetic Grass

Is Synthetic Turf Safe for Dogs?

Is Synthetic Turf Safe for Dogs?

A common question that we are asked is whether synthetic turf is safe for dogs. This question stems from the concern for both pet and product, whether the artificial grass will be able to withstand pet traffic, and whether it will harm their legs and paws. If anything, artificial grass is better for pets than the real thing, and in this article, we’re going to tell you exactly why this is so.

More comfort for your dog

In normal conditions, there isn’t much difference between artificial turf and real grass when it comes to comfort and softness underfoot. However, normal conditions don’t always apply. In summer, when the weather is drier, the soil will become harder, whilst synthetic grass will not. In wet conditions, your synthetic turf will not bog down, like real grass does, and will also prove to be easier for your dog to walk and move.

Easier to maintain

Let’s face it, dogs like running around, lying around, and are pretty much an absolute nightmare if you like your actual grass to be green as possible. No matter how much your dog loves to run around, synthetic turf will never wear out, leaving you with only green grass all year round. Synthetic turf also has a superior drainage system and is resistant to urine stains from dogs, whereas real grass can die out if exposed too many times.

Exceptionally durable

One thing about dogs and backyards is that they just love to dig up everything in sight. Many people are concerned about the damage that dogs could do if they tried to dig up synthetic turf, in particular reference to the backing of the surface. No matter how hard your dog tries, the synthetic grass will not showcase any damage at all. This is because that the rubber latex backing is extremely tough, and can resist even the hardest of impacts.

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