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Artificial and Synthetic Grass
Artificial and Synthetic Grass

Melbourne’s weather, water drainage concerns, and how fake grass is up to the task

Melbourne’s weather, water drainage concerns, and how fake grass is up to the task

One of the main considerations when purchasing fake grass, or any type of surface for that matter, is the quality of its water drainage. With winter having served up severe storms and heavy rainfall in short bursts across Melbourne, we’ve noticed a few more enquiries than usual on just how fake grass stands up to water drainage demands and capacity. We’re here to tell you that fake grass in the modern day is as effective at water drainage as the real thing.

How it does this is another question we’ve seen around a bit lately, and in this article, we’re going to explain the water drainage qualities of fake grass. Essentially, fake grass excels at this due to the design of its backing, of which we have written about before, as well as the particular materials used in its build. These drainage qualities are also maximised for sporting surfaces, allowing for near pristine playing conditions all the time.


The tiny holes that can be found in fake grass, on top of making the surface more realistic under foot, also help to ensure the passage of water from surface to the drain. Water collected at the top of the fake grass is dispersed through these holes, removing any trace of standing water pooling on the surface.

Water tight materials

The composition of the tuft, or the backing of the fake grass, is a textured rubber latex. This rubber compound does not absorb any water at all, allowing for free passage of the water to the drainage areas. The rubber material also resists any effects of so much water running along it, too, such as being eaten away at or becoming flimsy.

No threat of undersurface pooling

Real grass can get boggy if water is collected and pools underneath the topsoil. This creates both a dangerous area under foot, as well as damaging the area from growth for quite some time. The lining of fake grass allows for water to pass through into other run off areas, completely removing the prospect of water pooling underneath the surface

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