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Artificial and Synthetic Grass
Artificial and Synthetic Grass

Three Creative Ways to Use Artificial Grass

Three Creative Ways to Use Artificial Grass
Because artificial grass is very simple to install, not to mention that it can be applied practically anywhere, the surface has been used in some quite unique ways. We’ve seen it used as median strips alongside old fashioned “two-tyre” driveways, used as an aesthetic component alongside intricate concrete footpath designs. We have even created colourful and artistic playground areas using a wide variety of different shades of artificial turf.

In this article, we’re going to list three really out there ideas for using artificial grass on your property. All of these are designed to add a different take on the walking surface of your property, whether it be to keep the backyard visually interesting, or to add a striking appearance to any part of the home. Whatever the reason for your artificial grass, Xtreme Turf are here to provide affordable and effective installation right across Melbourne.

Revitalise your apartment or flat balcony

Many people who have the luxury of owning their own Melbourne CBD apartment with a stunning, balcony view have sought to dress this area up for entertainment. One way to do this is to use artificial grass along the surface of the balcony. Not only does this break up the solid concrete look that some apartment blocks have, but it also allows you to create your own type of unique backyard entertainment area, albeit a few storeys above the streets.

Designer footpaths and exterior patio areas

Before, we mentioned using artificial grass in distinctive ways to create an eye catching footpath or backyard area, alongside other materials. One of these is creating a chessboard appearance with artificial grass and concrete, which is also ideal for footpaths. Using this idea of playing around with shapes, there is an unlimited number of other combinations that can be thought of. Best of all, unlike real grass, artificial grass will not dry out or “edge” if placed near concrete.

Turning an above ground pool into an in ground one

Whilst in ground swimming pools are the more desirable, there are some occasions where this is not possible. However, many people have been experimenting with using artificial grass as a great way to provide an in ground look for the swimming pool. By laying down artificial turf leading up to the lip of the pool, it will not only make it look concealed, but it will also be cheaper than a conventional pool decking, and will be resistant to wear from what is a high traffic area.

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