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Artificial and Synthetic Grass
Artificial and Synthetic Grass

Three Great Uses for Artificial Grass in Melbourne

Three Great Uses for Artificial Grass in Melbourne

Artificial lawns are becoming quite a common sight right throughout Melbourne, owing to all of the great benefits that comes with surfaces of this type. From the front yard, to the back lawn, synthetic turf has helped many across Melbourne cut down on water bills, and generally make their lives easier with minimal maintenance. But have you ever wondered whether there were any other uses for synthetic turf for your home or office?

Below, we’ve listed three great applications for artificial grass in Melbourne, ranging from appeasing the sport’s nut in all of us, to exterior decoration. The best thing about all of these examples is the great, low price of having them installed right in your own property. They will also help to make your home a real area of both entertainment and relaxation, and provide your property with more versatility in this regard.


Whether you’re a huge tennis fan, or you prefer to hit along nine holes, a fake lawn will satisfy your needs to practice your favourite sport. Installing a putting green in your own backyard that plays as true as the real thing is a great way to spend the spare time that you have. For those that have the luxury of space, artificial tennis courts have become more popular than clay in recent years, owing to ease of maintenance and the high quality playing surface it provides.


As artificial grass can be cut to any size possible, many people have jumped onto the opportunity of further decorating their front and back yards. We’ve seen people liven up their dull, concrete driveways by lining the sides of the path with artificial grass. Creating your own garden path has never been easier, either, and can be even combined with real grass to add a distinctive, layering effect.

For businesses

Artificial lawns pose many great purposes for small to medium sized businesses, too. Apart from cutting down on maintenance costs and time, perhaps the biggest advantage is the one that it gives to the first impression of your business. Transforming your yellow-green lawn into a lush, artificial surface not only makes the front of your business property more attractive, it also helps to lure in new customers with a positive visual.

No matter the reason why you are looking to invest in your own artificial lawn, you can trust the team at Xtreme Turf to have it done professionally and quickly. We serve the entire Melbourne metropolitan area, and our prices cannot be beaten.

Which idea did you like best? Or maybe you’ve used fake grass for one of these purposes before? Why not leave a comment with your thoughts included below?

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