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Artificial and Synthetic Grass
Artificial and Synthetic Grass

Top Quality Tennis Court Solutions

Top Quality Tennis Court Solutions

For those who were lucky enough to have enough space on their property to accommodate a tennis court, there was once a difficult choice to be made: clay or synthetic turf? Although turf options offered easier maintenance, they weren’t particularly durable in extreme weather conditions, especially in Australia. Clay courts, despite the constant grooming of the surface that was required, were the much easier choice for long lasting court action.

However, thanks to the fast paced technological innovations that have improved synthetic turfs, the fake grass court is now more durable than ever, and can offer you the complete tennis experience. Below, we’ve listed where synthetic courts have improved, and why they’re the best option to hone your skills with a racquet.

Long Lasting Quality

As mentioned above, the original synthetic courts struggled under the harsh Australian sun, and were particularly susceptible to colour fading due to intense ultraviolet light and weakening of the surface. New ways of weaving the synthetic yarn tighter together have coincided with ultraviolet treatments, meaning that your synthetic court will now last longer and look as good as new for a long time.

Improved Bounce and Slide

Synthetic courts aren’t just covering a concrete slab with artificial grass anymore, with many new synthetic surfaces now designed to mimic the strict standards as set by the International Tennis Federation (ITF). Tennis balls will now bounce round and sharply, and the increased quality of synthetic covering has meant that you can now slide without digging your heels or toes into the surface, allowing you to hone your skills as safely as possible.

Amazing Variety

Artificial courts now come in a wide range of colours, allowing for complete customisation of your court. You can now have a Melbourne Park themed court right in your own backyard! These turfs have also now been designed to mimic the conditions of all the different types of surfaces that tennis is played on. You can now play on an artificial clay surface, that will respond just as a regular clay court will.

Xtreme Turf can provide your property with a fantastic tennis court solution, that will allow you to practice your game and also add value to your property. We specialise in all forms of artificial turf, and also offer a hire grass service for lawn parties or outdoor functions. Contact our expert grass layers on 0406 686 911, and get on courtside today!

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