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Artificial and Synthetic Grass
Artificial and Synthetic Grass

“What’s the Difference Between Long Pile and Short Pile?” An Expert Analysis

“What’s the Difference Between Long Pile and Short Pile?” An Expert Analysis

A common question we are asked about our Australian made artificial grass,is the difference between the two main types of grass available: long pile and short pile. Whilst there is no clear or discernible, visual difference between the two – other than the length of the grass itself – there are many different aspects of their makeup, backing, affordability, and durability. This is not to say that one is better than the other, rather, the different components that go into each make them ideally suited for different uses.

Below, we have provided a brief synopsis of these differences and the best way to utilise the potential of both types of lawn solutions. Xtreme Turf provides the best artificial grass of either type, and can professionally and efficiently install your new grass, leaving you with a picture perfect grass surface. You can contact us on 0406 686 911 for any other enquiries, or simply to obtain a free quote.

Long Pile Turf

Long pile artificial grass Melbourne wide offers a more cosmetically appealing alternative, and therefore, can be commonly seen adorning the front lawns of many properties across the country. This type of grass is treated to withstand many wear-and-tear factors that can affect it in its ideal location – such as extreme weather and heavy foot traffic – and as such is incredibly durable. It is also less susceptible to being pulled off its foundation layer, thanks to a strong adhesive required to hold it in place.

However, long pile grass is not without its drawbacks. Due to its extreme longevity, long pile grass is the more expensive of the two, and this can be a particular nuisance for those who own large properties. Long pile synthetic grass maintenance – whilst still requiring less attention than actual grass – can be slightly time consuming, as due to the length of the grass blades, garden debris can accumulate and be hard to remove.

Short Pile Turf

By far the cheapest of the turf, short pile grass is around 10 – 20 mm in length on average, and as a result, is the preferred option of synthetic grass suppliers for use with leisure activities. Its hardness and short length makes it ideal for tennis courts and cricket pitches, and as it can also be used as a temporary alternative, is perfect for marquee events, such as weddings or outdoor functions.

Short pile grass isn’t as durable as its long pile counterpart, and can possess a tendency to pull off its foundation backing if not properly fitted. Short pile grass also comes across as “fake”, more so than long pile fake grass in Melbourne. This is due to its length and very bright green colour, and isn’t as well suited as a direct replacement for lawns as a result.

To buy artificial grass – whether it be long pile or short pile – talk to the experts at Xtreme Turf. As an experienced and professional provider of synthetic turf Melbourne wide, we can advise you on which type of grass will be best suited to your needs and requirements.

Have you had artificial turf installed recently? Was it long pile or short pile? Tell us below.

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