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    Artificial Turf Landscaping & Synthetic Grass Installation Melbourne

    Synthetic Turf Landscaping

    A garden will never feel complete without the presence of grass. With the fast-paced lifestyle that we lead today, it can be challenging to maintain real grass. It is for these reasons that artificial landscaping in Australia has gained such popularity.

    With almost a decade of experience in synthetic grass installation in Melbourne, Xtreme has what you need to achieve beautiful looking grass all year round.

    We provide affordable artificial turf in Melbourne for tennis courts, soccer fields, childcare centres, sports clubs, schools and councils as well. Our turf is made from high quality materials and all our products have been tested and proven to work with harsh Australian conditions to withstand climate change and uncommon soil conditions. They are durable and require less maintenance.

    What are the benefits of Artificial Turf Installation for Councils, Schools, Soccer Fields, Childcare Centres and more

    Some of the benefits of a artificial turf include:

    • Save on water usage – Your fake grass will not need water to grow, and requires just a spray with a hose for a quick clean.
    • Save on time – No mowing is necessary, so do the things what you’d rather be doing on the weekends.
    • No weeding – Eliminate the need for harsh chemicals, and hurting your back and knees to pull out unsightly weeds.
    • No harmful fertilizers or pesticides – Save your wallet, your health, and the environment by removing the need of harsh chemicals to maintain your lawn.
    • Looks great all year round – No longer will your lawn be brown, muddy or yellow. Artificial grass will stay green no matter the season.
    • Pet friendly – We install pet friendly artificial grass that is safe for pets, and very simple to clean.

    Our product range of Artificial Grass in Melbourne.

    We provide a wide range of Artificial turf in Melbourne. We specialise in artificial grass for both residential and commercial areas and provide solutions for residential gardens, community groups and educational facilities with landscaping and installation options as well.

    Get in Touch with us for Artificial Grass Installation in Melbourne

    You can choose to get our expert team for synthetic grass installation in Melbourne. You can also choose to buy our grass do it yourself (DIY) kits if you prefer to install them yourself.

    Create better looking landscapes today for tennis courts, soccer fields, childcare centres, sports clubs, schools and councils. Find out what Xtreme turf can do to transform your garden. Simply fill in the form above and we will be in touch shortly.

    Why Xtreme Turf is best for synthetic landscaping?

    Get your synthetic turf from us, you will get:-

    • Professional advice and service
    • Satisfaction guaranteed
    • Competitive pricing
    • Years of experience in providing and installing artificial grass
    • Wide variety of the best synthetic turf

    Benefits of our artificial turf are:-

    • Allergy free
    • Will not fade or stain
    • Low maintenance
    • Children and pet friendly
    • Highly durable
    • No watering, weeding or mowing needed
    • Lead free
    • Our prices are one of the best in Melbourne

    Installing Artificial Grass - Before and After

    Our experienced team have perfected artificial grass installation. Not only it is a quick and hassle-free process, we are also committed to keeping our turf supply and installation cost as low as possible.

    What's more, our synthetics turf landscaping team will also be able to answer any questions that you may have regarding turf maintenance and repairs. It's only one of the many reasons why we're the best artificial grass supplier around town.

    Before and After for Landscaping
    Before and After for Artificial Landscaping
    Before and After Image for Synthetic Landscaping


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    Reviews and Customer Testimonials
    • Sharon

      I have paid the remaining balance into your account, Thanks David. For me, he has done a really great job I did not expect him to finish it yesterday. So, very happy when I came home. Now, it looks the best in the street.

    • Marcella & Keith

      We would like to thank you for a great job. Everything ran so smooth. Please thank your installer ( I think it was David) for a true professional effort. We have no hesitation on telling our family and friends about your services.

    • Thusha

      Your guys have done an excellent job with my front yard! Now, my garden looks absolutely gorgeous and I'm 100% satisfied with the way everything has been done! So, neat and tidy looks very natural too! Thank you so much and I will definitely recommend you to all my friends who are building new homes! They finished everything by 5.30pm today. Thank you so much once again and I really do appreciate your quick service and friendly ways in dealing with customers!

    • Pat McGowan

      Comment: “Very happy with the staff and the job, thank you. “